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Edata Brokerage
EDATA Trading Platform (ETP) Is an integration of EDATA modules that all together forms an enterprise solution for brokerage firms, this solution provides customer services and e-channels through web, SMS, and other channels for trading operations. 

EDATA Trading Platform handles the areas from front, through middle, to back office functions and processes by connecting clients to their brokerage firms and brokerage firms to markets while interfacing with banks.

While using ETP, you will explore high quality features and tools that will help you in taking right decisions safely while trading, such as:

Latest IT technology
.Net framework for interface and middle tier components, crystal 10.0 reports, XML based technology, Oracle and SQL for backend engine, solid n-tier design, client and server side validation for best performance. Technology tested against large databases within our testing department.

Safe, data message recovery
Solid designs of integrated modules, message queue implementation, and message resynchronization in case of connections going down.

FIX engine, fast response
10,000 transactions per second from EADATA-OMS to the market with the installation of a FIX handler with an intermediary database queuing system, sending, and retrieving messages with no time.

Transaction processor
Top speed background process of 100,000 transactions per second.