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Edata Exchange
EDATA Exchange Platform (EXP) is an end-to-end enterprise solution for Exchange firms.

The platform is a comprehensive solution providing full exchange customer services through E-Channels such as Web, desktop, SMS and other electronic mechanisms that covers the requirements of Exchange firms.

The solution is composed of multiple customizable modules.

Data flows seamlessly between modules in the same layer and between different layers, as well as flows back and forth between EXP and external systems such as central bank, Reuters, Bloomberg, bank gateways, text messaging gateways, Email and Fax servers.

EDATA offers a solution framework with the following focal points:
  • IVR Solutions
  • Call recording
  • ATM
  • Analytics
  • Financial Enterprise Resource planning
  • Archiving System
  • Mobile SMS solution
  • E-Trading Solutions
 Business Intelligence
  • Provides decision makers with performance metrics on real-time basis.
  • Provides current and predictive views.
  • Provides dashboards and balanced scorecards and KPIs.
  • Aggregates financial data, operational data, and customer data.
  • Executives can take advantage of a balanced scorecard approach to management.
  • Provides multiple reporting levels on: (company level, branch level and manager levels).
  • Balance barometer on borrower lending and net receive / pay charts.

Control the flow of internal operations.
  • Assign users different privileges; set their level on the work flow.
    • Control any financial payment request through work flows.
    • Over draft limit approval.
    • Assign N-Tier permission levels based on amount requested.
    • Alerts sent following work flow acceptance or rejection.

Strength Points

  • Powerful Engine that can handle up to 10,000 transaction/sec.
  • One Database for online and back office, so no transaction lost between the two databases.
  • High automation in the system features and on-line integration.
  • The system is a highly secure, multi-tier system with extensive focus on risk monitoring and detection.
  • Have DR (Disaster Recovery) auto process that handles any disconnections in the on-line services like the communication lines, electricity….
  • Cutting cost, Provision and control is a strong risk management within the organization.